Fans Bring Carmella A Very Appropriate Gift During Recent Appearance

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Carmella is the SmackDown Women’s Champion and WWE is very high on her. After all, Mella is money.

She also has some pretty diehard fans who know her all too well. If you keep up with Carmella on social media then you know she loves to get her drink on. Wine is her favorite and she often declares it to be 5:00 way beforehand.

The Crowned Princess Of SmackDown Live recently had some fans being her a very appropriate gift at an autograph signing. They presented her with a customized wine glass that not only has her record in Money In The Bank ladder matches on it, but also her current record with Charlotte Flair and Asuka.

She was obviously happy to receive this unexpected and very suitable gift from some hardcore fans dressed in all Mella Merch and posted a video to her Instagram story to show off her new favorite drinking accessory.

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