The Miz’s New WWE Merch Rips Off Old Zack Ryder Design

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WWE’s shop sometimes hits the nail on the head and other times they miss the mark completely. Fans have recently been coming down on WWE’s design team and the effort they’re putting into their t-shirts. This new one is certainly a cool shirt, but it gives off a very interesting impression.

The Miz is proud of his new A-Lister t-shirt and reality television show Miz and Mrs. But Zack Ryder was quick to call attention to at least one of those two things because Mike Mizanin’s new t-shirt makes him look very Broski-ish.

You can check out the design below and let us know what you think. True, The Miz has rocked a headband before, but there are so many more aspects to this picture that really sends off a Zack Ryder vibe.

It’s a play on Miz’s “hand up/ mouth shut” slogan but Ryder still wanted to make sure everyone saw it. Several fans have noticed the similarity as well saying things like, “dude, he stole your gimmick,” and “definitely a emoji ripoff of your broski shirt.”

In case you’re wondering what shirt this new one is ripping off, we’ve included a picture of it below so you can compare.

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