As we reported yesterday, the trailer for the new season of Total Divas dropped, and the phrase “All In” was used to promote it. This appeared to be a shot at the independent event created by Cody [Rhodes] and The Young Bucks.

WWE producer Road Dogg has now seemingly confirmed that the company used “All In” as a jab against the creators of the All In show- which is set for September 1 in Chicago, Illinois.

The confirmation really kicked off after WWE tweeted a promo for the eighth season of Total Divas, capitalizing the words “All In” within the tweet.


This led Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin to quote the tweet. Satin referenced the 2017 cease and desist letter sent by WWE to The Bullet Club for using their copyrighted “Too Sweet” hand gesture. Satin makes a comparison between WWE sending the letter and now seemingly playing off The Bullet Club’s All In show with their own programming.

This is where Road Dogg, real name Brian G. James seemingly confirmed the relationship between the two. James asked Satin if he had ever heard a certain phrase, claiming it was fine for WWE to poke fun at Cody and The Young Bucks.

Satin responded to this, noting a stark difference between WWE and the money made by independent wrestlers.

James didn’t take so kindly to that. The SmackDown Live producer claims The Bullet Club didn’t need the gesture, and the removal of said gesture didn’t take food off their tables. This is due to the success of The Bullet Club.

Satin replied, claiming it was WWE’s goal to force The Bullet Club to stop producing their most popular shirts.

James never replied to this comment, seemingly wanting to wash his hands with the conversation. The cease and desist shirt created by The Bullet Club following the cease and desist letter by WWE broke records and made them a lot of money.

Do you feel it is fair play for WWE to reference All In? Do you think this is petty of them? Sound off in the comments below.

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