Former SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair had the opportunity to speak with Busted Open Radio, where she revealed that she believes she is ten times better as a heel.

Flair was asked about potentially turning heel, given her run as a babyface has lasted for some time now. In response to the question, Flair claims now having been on both sides of the fence, she knows she can work ten times better now as a heel compared to her last heel run. In addition, she wishes she could go back and continue to elevate her storyline with Sasha Banks as she believes Banks was on a whole different level to her and together they could have made even more magic than what they did.

“I feel like I’ve learned so much as a good guy, and I feel like if I ever get to go bad again, I could be ten times the performer. Now I know specifically what the other side needs. If I could go back and redo all of my matches with Sasha [Banks], because I feel like she was ahead of me mentally in the game—I still had a lot to learn—if I could go back and redo my first year, I would redo it in a heartbeat. There’s so many things I would have changed and done better.”

Flair ended the undefeated streak of 2018 Royal Rumble winner Asuka at WrestleMania 34, when she retained the SmackDown Women’s Championship against “The Empress of Tomorrow.” Flair believes this to be the proudest moment of hers over the last year.

“I guess I would have to say my match with Asuka because I thought there was a lot of pressure. The match wasn’t extremely long; it was exactly what was needed, and I really felt like I made an impact that night. Not that I hadn’t already, but I think that I had worked so hard on what needed to go into that match. Pushing things up a bit and committing to the babyface role—which I’m not as comfortable in as I am being a bad guy—I think now I’ve settled into it.”

Finally, Flair explains her latest goal is to be involved in the main event of Evolution later this year, following the announcement on RAW earlier this week by Stephanie McMahon.


“I’m still thinking about Summerslam right now. [laughs] I want to be the main event, but again, it’s an all-women’s pay-per-view, and the card is extremely stacked. If people pay close attention, [WWE’s catchphrase] is ‘Then. Now. Forever.’ I think we will have women from the past—obviously we have Lita and Trish [Stratus] confirmed—but no one knows what role they will be playing, as well as NXT being involved. My competitive nature, I want to be the main event, but I know I shouldn’t be disappointed because there is going to be so much brilliant talent on the show that night.”

What match do you hope headlines Evolution? Do you believe Flair works better as a face or a heel? Sound off in the comments below.

With H/T to Wrestle Zone for the transcription.

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