Hurricane Helms On “Transphobic” Post About WWE Evolution


WWE is throwing their first-ever all-female pay-per-view called Evolution. It will be a  big night and WWE will want to bring in as many big names as possible to draw attention to the event. Hurricane Helms is a former WWE Superstar and held a few titles in his day and he is more than willing to help out.

The only issue is that Helms went about sending his message to WWE by putting an image on Instagram of himself in one of those filters that makes him look like a lady. He said he “knows a girl” while talking about himself.

Helms can still go in the ring and has started appearing for ROH. Therefore, it’s surprising to some fans he’s not already employed with WWE in some respect after he helped Impact Wrestling in a creative sense for so long.

Apparently, some fans took exception to the choice Helms made in his Instagram filter. They were calling him “transphobic.” Helms felt like he had to address these accusations head-on with a tweet saying that was not his intention at all. Helms said: “The joke was obviously (to anyone with an IQ over 4) about my catchphrase. No offense was intended. Get over it.”

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So @WWE has an All-Women’s PPV? I know a gal.

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