It was reported on Tuesday via Joseph Peisech of Barn Burner that there was an incident at Sunday’s WWE Extreme Rules event backstage where Titus O’Neil flipped out and stormed out after seeing Hulk Hogan backstage at the event.

Brad Shepard & Joseph discussed more about the incident on the latest installment of the “No Holds Barred” podcast after the owner of Wrestling Inc attempted to shut down these reports while ignoring the evidence.

Brad questioned Mark Henry’s comments regarding the locker room being at a 50/50 on Hogan’s return mentioned that black wrestlers are just not happy about it.

“When I first heard the TMZ report where Mark Henry said the locker room was about 50/50 and I very much questioned that so I reached out to a trust source who was very well connected to the people who have their pulse on the situation. I stand by exactly what I said, it’s completely true. The overwhelming sedative is the black wrestlers in WWE are not happy about this. No matter how you feel about it personally, I know for a fact that they’re not happy about this. I stand by that and that was something we reported first.”

Peisech also pointed out that on Monday’s RAW, Titus was not doing his normal gimmick and everything was completely serious before he and Apollo Crews were squashed by the Authors of Pain. Dana Brooks’ absence from the match was also noted.


“Titus O’Neil & Apollo Crews had a match and his Gimmick running down to the ring. No Dana Brooke and he was very very serious in his match. No joking around. Nothing like that.”

Peisech stood by his original statement that Titus was not happy about Hogan being there and that he even questioned WWE executives about Hogan.

Yes, Titus O’Neil left. Titus actually talked to WWE executives saying, “Why did you bring him back?” I didn’t touch on this but several news sources said Vince McMahon wasn’t at Extreme Rules. Vince McMahon brings Hulk Hogan back to WWE and he’s not in the locker room? When has Vince McMahon ever missed a show let alone a pay-per-view?

Peisech revealed that the locker room has been told to keep their mouths shut on the matter.

“Mark Henry said 50/50 the black wrestlers are not happy. I would say 95/5 and they have been told to keep their mouths shut.”

You can listen to the latest installment of the “No Holds Barred” podcast embedded in the audio below.

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