Farrah Abraham Lobbying for Match Against Alexa Bliss

While speaking with TMZ, “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham was asked about the rumors of her possibly stepping in the ring and admitted to not knowing exactly what she’s doing.

When asked which talents she would like the face, she name dropped Alexa Bliss & The Bella Twins but also shifted gears and named Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan as two other talents she’d like to work with.

“I would probably choose Alexa Bliss or maybe The Bella Twins. So I think those ladies are great and I’d love to wrestle — I mean, I would love to wrestle my all time favorites like “Cold Stone” Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan. Like that’s who I grew up watching. I love wrestling. I’m a fan. So yeah, I’ll let you know.”

Yeah, she really did refer to “Stone Cold” as “Cold Stone” before saying she’s a wrestling fan.

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