Original TNA Championship Title Up for Sale

The original TNA Legends Championship belt has been put for for sale.

An individual that goes by the name “Da Belt Guy” posted the championship title on Reddit. His asking price for the title belt is $17,500 and he claims this is the original belt as no replicas were ever made.

Here is what he wrote:

One of the few ring used belts I can publicly offer for sale.

The one and only one ever used, made by Dave Millican!

TNA Legends Championship….TNA Global Championship….TNA Television Championship……TNA King of the Mountain Championship….

Did I leave anything out?

This is the only one ever made, replicas or authorized copies were never made!

Held by:

Booker T
AJ Styles
Kevin Nash
Mick Foley
Eric Young
Rob Terry
Doug Williams
Robbie E
D-Von Dudley
Samoa Joe
Jeff Jarrett
PJ Black
Bobby Roode
Eli Drake
James Storm
Bobby Lashley

One of many ring used belts I have for sale. Price is $17,500 delivered. Certified check only.

Serious parties can PM or email me if interested.

I have other ring used belts from major companies (all used within the last 10 years) with prices ranging from $4,000 to $20,000. Most I can’t post openly.

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