I got the chance to speak exclusively to Goldust for Ringside News when he made his first-ever comic con appearance at the The Syracuse Salt City Comic Con this past weekend. Below are a few highlights from various questions asked at the Q&A panel.

How much time he talks to his brother Cody:

“Just about every week we talk. We have good conversations about what he’s doing and how proud I am. How proud Dad would be. I put it there as much as possible because he’s my brother, he’s my half-brother but he’s my brother. I love him, he’s blood. He’s doing a great job and he’s doing it on his own feet without the big machine behind him. We’re seeing what Cody Rhodes can do business-wise and he’s making some great business decisions. He will be back though. We all come back. This (WWE) is the place to be.

Goldust on if he wanted to something outside the Rhodes name:


“No. I always wanted to be the son of Dusty Rhodes, The American Dream. Those are big shoes to fill, they’ll never be filled but I think I’ve done a good job carrying on his legacy. Cody has done a great job carrying on his legacy, and we will continue to do that and uphold the Rhodes name as best as possible ya know.

Thoughts on his father Dusty Rhodes being in ECW in 1999-2000:

“It was a rough time for our family right there. As Dad would like to put it, “We live on hard times,” well, he was having hard times right there. He went to ECW and that’s us supporting our family. My Dad and I grew up in an era where if you made one dollar you spent two, and we always said: “We’ll make it later.” Well, that catches up to you, ya gotta really take care of your family man and put some money away.

(Please credit Lee Walker III and Ringside News when using any of the above quotes)

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