The new deal WWE has with Fox can mean a lot of things and only time will tell exactly what they have up their sleeves. It might be wishful thinking at this point, but the rumor out there first reported by Brad Shepard is he heard Saturday Night’s Main Event could be coming to FS1.

“I actually was told that they are going to be bringing some type of show like [Saturday Night’s Main Event],” Brad Shepard said on Backstage With WWE. But apparently, that’s not the whole story.

In fact, Dave Meltzer recently addressed this rumor on Wrestling Observer Radio where he indicated his source had told him something completely different.”

“Time will tell… I checked on this I was told no and that’s actually part of the deal. I don’t think that they can be… you know you can get a thing you can get the approval and do it. I have been in contact with people from WWE and Fox on this stuff but they made no indication that there was going to be any added programming. At least added wrestling programming.”

“I know I’ve seen a rumor and all that. I suppose it’s possible it’s true. I asked both sides if they think it’s true and they said no.”

Therefore it doesn’t look like you should be getting your hopes up about Saturday Night’s Main Event’s return. After all, Fox is spending a ton of money on SmackDown and they don’t want too many pro wrestling shows because they don’t want to dilute the market.


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H Jenkins

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