Mick Foley performed at Laugh In Comedy Cafe in Fort Myers Florida on Sunday night. I was in attendance for the event to it’s entirely. Below are some highlights from the event.

– Prior to Mick coming on stage, the host mentioned that tonight’s show would be airing in September. I didn’t exactly catch the exact date but I believe she may have said September 24th, which would indicate it would air after RAW.

– Moments after Mick started the show off, some fan blurted something out and Foley gave a speech about how it’s not a good idea to do that.

– Mick Foley jokes about The Miz not being on Legends House after explaining this isn’t a comedy show but HIAC anniversary


– Foley announced that half the money from tonight’s event will go to a Santa Claus charity in Florida. I believe he said they raised around $2500.

– Foley told the story about how he lost his ear in a match against Terry Funk before he started out in WWE.

– Mick talked about his “bed of nails match”

– Mick detailed his interview with Jim Ross and the importance it had on his career.

– Foley told the story about when Jim Ross was pitching the idea to bring him in, Vince McMahon wanted him to cover up his face.

– Foley revealed that his infamous interview with Jim Ross was improvised (Micks part) and he didn’t want to rehearse it because he wanted it to be real.

– Foley talked about portraying Dude Love and Catus Jack. He joked about not being able to win The Rumble after being three different characters in one match.

– Foley started to talk about his classic Hell in a Cell match against The Undertaker.

– Foley said he was searching earlier this year by reading his own autobiography so he can better account his thought process for years back. Foley was asked about reading his own autobiography by a fan on the plane.

– Foley cracked a joke about Roman Reigns’ drug suspension before revealing this Reigns makes his wife

– Foley joked about Earl Hebner screwing Bret Hart. (No literally)

– While discussing his HIAC match, he joked about his tooth being lodged into his nose. Foley also discussed how the Hell in the Cell match was the first match that introduced tacks in the United States.

– Foley says that every single day people keep asking him, “if it hurt” in regards to him getting tossed of the cage.

– Foley explained why he had greatest Hall of Fame class.

Foley then started taking fan questions:

– When asked about Vader and his passing, Foley mentioned that Vader couldn’t understand with the career he had that he wasn’t included into the WWE Hall of Fame.

– Foley was asked about his reaction when he found out he was going to win the WWE title. Foley said he didn’t think it was a good idea at all. Once he captured the title, it was an incredible night for his career especially because of all the WCW fans switched the channel.

– When asked how long he’s been watching wrestling, Foley said he’s been watching since the mid 70’s.

– When asked about campaigning for Kane, Foley revealed that he showed up three days early to help Kane for free.

– Regarding Triple H bleeding at the Royal Rumble 2000, Foley says the match finish didn’t change despite Triple H being suplexed on a shard of wood that went through him. He put over Triple H for his ability to sell and help put Mick over.

– Foley closed the night by talking about his WrestleMania feud with Edge. He ended up dropping the F bomb in this segment, which we will be posting soon.

Steve Carrier

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