Ring of Honor’s Best in the World is now in the books, and what a PPV it was. Now, less than 24 hours later the company prepares for their next round of tapings to push forward to their next set of storylines, and that will now include a former WWE champion.

Actually, superhero is the better word.

That’s right, the Hurricane Shane Helms debuted for Ring of Honor in Texas not too long ago and is set for their tapings later this weekend. Helms caught up with CBS DC where he talked about his brief return at this year’s Royal Rumble, and if he foresees himself returning to the WWE in the near future.

It would depend on the schedule for sure. If they could work with that, then I’m sure there’s stuff that we could talk about. Obviously, their 205 needs a boost. I could boost that for sure, but I could boost the main roster as well. I’ve got full confidence in what I bring to the table. But it’s not like WWE needs anybody… I’m also very happy where I am right now. So if something happens with them… awesome. If it doesn’t, then that final appearance at the Rumble was so d**n hot, the crowd popped so loud for me. If that was my last time there, then I’m actually super okay with that too.

On his future with ROH:


I’ll definitely be at the taping of Saturday, I know that. I’m not sure about Best In The World. We haven’t agreed to anything longterm. Kinda wanted to see how it goes. And it went really well in Texas. Had a lotta fun in the shows, obviously. If you’ve seen anything with the scenes, that Being The Elite stuff… fans have taken to my appearance in that pretty well. Everything went really well, so I think it’s gonna progress nicely.

What do you think Ringside….excited at the prospect of the Hurricane returning?

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