When To Expect Shinsuke Nakamura’s Return After Dog Bite

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Shinsuke Nakamura was bitten by a police dog and pulled from a few matches. This was terrible timing and nobody needs to get bitten by a police dog in the first place.

But it looks like we now have an idea of when we could expect to see Shinsuke Nakamura make his return to the ring. Nikkan Sports reports Nakamura is expected to be out of the ring for 2 weeks due to this injury.

This would put Nakamura out of Extreme Rules unless he’s able to return just before the event. It’s not especially clear if the 2-week countdown started when he was bitten or if that’s how long he has left, but the situation is still pretty awful.

Let’s hope Nakamura can get back to normal and won’t lose his spot on the roster due to this police misconduct.


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