During the a recent installment of the Dinner with the King podcast, Jerry Lawler revealed how he got Paige’s phone number. Lawler said that his encounter with the SmackDown GM took place backstage and involved several selfies.

We were about to go out to do the interview – in the Gorilla Position backstage there & everybody was back there – Vince [McMahon] was not there for some reason. Vince had gone and left after RAW. He had some business to attend to on that Tuesday, so he wasn’t there; but, everyone else was getting ready for our segment and all of a sudden in comes Paige and she comes over and hugs me and she said, ‘Can I take a picture?’ And I said, ‘You want to take a picture of my butt again?’ And she just started laughing. Anyway, she took three or four selfies and I said, ‘Send them to me.’ And that’s my cheap way of getting somebody’s telephone number.

In regards to Paige taking a photo of Lawler’s butt, you can check out that photo below.

Steve Carrier

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