Big Cass is no longer with WWE. But they weren’t really pushing him to the moon since his return anyway. But as it turns out, there was heat on Cass from several different levels.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio how almost nobody gets fired at this point if they make it as far as Big Cass did. After all, the company has already put a lot of money into their name. But Big Cass’ WWE release turned out to amount to a lot of different reasons.

“There’s not any one thing, it was a series of things. You know to a degree it was his behavior on the European tour. There was an incident with Kevin Dunn had asked him to rehearse a promo and he didn’t do it and then they did the promo live on television it went long and wasn’t very good, Vice didn’t like the promo so he was unhappy he didn’t rehearse it. In fact, I think he fired the writer because he thought the promo sucked so bad. In fact, the writing sucked.”

“I don’t remember the promo being that bad and god knows i can think of all these promos where the wording just drives me crazy. But for whatever reason, the wording in this one drove Vince crazy and the fact he didn’t like the promo.”

“He didn’t get fired just — he got fired for blowing off the rehearsal. There were incidents in Europe. They were on the touring bus and he went in to go to the bathroom and I guess he locked himself in and couldn’t get a way out and panicked and thought he was like being ribbed like they jammed the lock so he went crazy and kicked the door down. People were really upset obviously that he kicked the door down. Especially because for the rest of the trip nobody could go to the bathroom in private because the door was kicked down so there was heat over that.”

It was also noted how there was heat over how Big Cass did a full-on beatdown on the little person even though Vince McMahon told him not to do it. There was also a general unhappiness with his work in the Daniel Bryan program and it all amounted to a series of things.

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