Kurt Angle Warns Ronda Rousey


The Raw General Manager doesn’t like to be embarrassed, especially by someone who he would consider a friend. Last night his WrestleMania tag partner Ronda Rousey went absolutely nuts on Alexa Bliss, beating her to a pulp with a Money in the Bank briefcase, and powerbombing her through a table. In the process, Rousey turned on her friend Angle when he tried to pull her off, and laid into him with said briefcase as well. Angle would suspend Ronda for 30 days.

Now, the olympic her has taken to Instagram to air more of his grievances with the former UFC bantamweight champion.

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Ronda, I understand your frustration, and I know you’re tired of some of the other women disrespecting you. But that’s part of what makes the WWE different. Verbal attacks are very common. Taking advantage, and bending the rules to benefit yourself will occur, such as Alexa cashing in her MITB contract and winning the Raw Womens’ Title. You need to keep your cool. You have a huge future in WWE. But when you attacked me for trying to keep you calm, you broke that bond we shared. You’re smarter than that. The fact that you’re a true badass, and that you could whoop just about any man or woman on the planet is what I like most about you. BUT if this ever occurs again, do not forget who I am, and what I’m capable of. That’s not a threat, it’s the truth. I Hope you learn from this situation, and we can remain very close. You have the world in the palm of your hands Ronda, if you make the right decisions. It’s damn true!!!

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Rousey’s suspension will carry through Extreme Rules, but SummerSlam is looking wide open for the Rowdy One to take some revenge.

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