Daniel Bryan Still Not Signed to New WWE Contract

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While discussing the upcoming WWE event at Melbourne Cricket Grounds on October 6th during today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed talents being advertised for the show.
An interesting name advertised was Daniel Bryan, who’s contract with the company is set to expire on September 1st.

Meltzer confirmed that WWE has yet to secure him to a new deal and found it interesting that he was advertised for the show but not under contract.

“He’s not signed, as of two hours ago. He’s not signed. He didn’t sign as of 4am on a Saturday night, I don’t think. It’s not at that stage yet, so. I’m not saying he’s going anywhere, I am saying that he hasn’t signed.”

As previously noted, it’s being speculated that one of the reason’s Bryan hasn’t signed a contract with WWE is because he could be trying to get more money out of them and they may be trying to sign him to a 5-year deal.

(Please H/T Ringside News when using the above news)

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