Besides wrestling, SmackDown Live Superstar Xavier Woods is most prominently known for his favorite hobby- video games. Woods has a popular YouTube channel called UpUpDownDown, which boasts an impressive 1.55 million subscribers. Now, it appears he will be making his way into the realm of video games.

Woods is already familiar to gamers through his appearances in the WWE 2K video game series. The stage is set for Woods to appear in WWE 2K19 when it is eventually released later this year. In the meantime, however, Woods will be appearing in a popular Konami franchise.

Woods is set to appear as a character in Super Bomberman R. This is an action-maze game that was released on Nintendo Switch back on March 3, 2017. PlayStation 4, Windows and Xbox One all have versions that have just been released or will be released in the coming days.

You can see Woods’ character image for the game in the tweet by Konami below.


After this news was revealed, Woods confirmed the news on his Twitter account, thanking fans. He has reportedly worked on this game over the past few months and will now finally be able to publicly talk about it.

Will you play this game? Are you interested in the franchise? Sound off in the comments below.

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