Could, would, should. Three words that rhyme. They’re also three words that ask a question, and I’m asking some questions right now. I’ve got questions about the New Day winning the Money in the Bank contract.

I know that only one of the three members will be in the match. I also know that we don’t even know yet which member will be in the match? Will it be Kofi Kingston? Big E? Or maybe even Xavier Woods?

Regardless of who it will be, the questions remain.

Could the new day win the money in the bank contract?


When I say the New Day, I mean all three members hold the contract. All of them are Mr. Money in the Bank. They freebird the contract, essentially.

I’ve seen this idea being thrown around a lot on the interwebs, and I don’t hate it. I think it would be an interesting and fresh take on the Money in the Bank contract. There’s only so many ways that one person can be in the possession of a briefcase. Someone’s gotta freshen things up eventually.

It would make sense for the New Day to share the contract. They’re three buddies who are thick as thieves. It’s totally a thing they would do.

Of course, this does raise questions about the “legality” of sharing the Money in the Bank contract. Let’s say Big E won the ladder match. Could he share the contract with Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston?

There is a precedent for this scenario,though. The contract can be won after the ladder match. If Mr. Money in the Bank so chooses, he can put the briefcase on the line in a match. It’s happened a couple of times. Mr. Kennedy lost his contract to Edge back in 2007. Dolph Ziggler defended his contract against John Cena back in 2012. I guess that Mr. Money in the Bank can do as he pleases with his contract. If Xavier Woods is Mr. Money in the Bank, and he decides to give it to Kofi Kingston, for example, I think it could be considered “legal.”

would the new day win the money in the bank contract?

I’m sure WWE loves the New Day. They get a great reaction from the crowds. In the ring, the three of them work so well together. Heck, even when there’s only two of them, they are simply on a whole different level.

The New Day also has personality in spades. If I were watching back in 2012 – 2013 and someone told me that Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods would be some of the most entertaining people in the future, I’d have thought you were joking. Big E was just Dolph Ziggler’s big black friend who helped him out, and Kofi was pretty much just relegated to the midcard at this time. But it’s crazy how everything changes.

Lastly, New Day pretty much just prints money at this point. People buy their shirts and their cereal. I dunno if WWE sells those New Day pancakes, but it doesn’t matter. The New Day is a money-making machine.

Realistically, I could see them winning. Of course, WWE could go for the swerve and just have Bobby Roode win the match, but I’d say that the New Day member competing in the match could be one of the favorites to win.

should the new day win the money in the bank contract?

Do I think they should win? Let’s put it this way: they’re not my ideal choice to win the match, but I wouldn’t hate if if they did. I’d probably enjoy New Day with the Money in the Bank contract very much. It would be the start of the long-awaited New Day main event run. Heck, maybe it could even lead to Kofi Kingston finally winning the WWE Championship. Who knows?

As long as they don’t break up the New Day (they could go forever without breaking up, honestly), I’d totally be down for them to be Mr. Money in the Bank. It’s long overdue, and the New Day has proved that they have what it takes to be top stars. Whoever does become WWE Champion will be in good company. All three members are talented wrestlers who could hang with Smackdown’s elite.

Steve Carrier

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