Rusev and Aiden English formed Rusev Day and with Lana added to the mix they are quite a stable. But it looks like their gimmick could be shifting as they combined into a 3-person team.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Aiden English could be switching up his usual singing gimmick from now on due to a storyline throat injury.

“So Aiden English got kicked in the throat so I guess the gimmick now is he won’t be able to sing which is kinda stupid because Lana and Rusev kind of got over because of Aiden English’s singing so if you take that part away it’s kind of like half the fun is gone of those guys. Although I think since Rusev is so over right now even if they don’t sing it probably won’t hurt.”

WWE might be trying to track down what gets Rusev over as a babyface when they want him to be a heel. This could be why Aiden English is no longer singing in his operatic way. Or maybe they just wanted him to keep on rapping. Either way, let’s see if his vocal cords improve over time.

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H Jenkins

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