According to PWInsider, a new trademark filed by WWE could result in a series of changes to live event programming or even a potential new video-based series.

WWE has registered two trademarks surrounding the term “WWE VIP.” While it isn’t exactly clear what the definitive purpose of the trademark is, the associated descriptions may provide some idea as to what it could be.

The current theories suggested by PWInsider include the name of a potential WWE Network tiered system, a new television, WWE Network or YouTube series or even a new version of the current VIP Experience WWE provides at selected live events.

The descriptions associated with the trademark are listed below.


“G & S: Television broadcasting services; cable television broadcasting services; satellite television broadcasting; communications services, namely, transmitting streamed sound and audio-visual recordings via the Internet, cable networks, wireless networks, satellite, interactive multimedia networks and mobile apps; audio and video broadcasting services over the Internet and mobile apps; transmission of information in the audio-visual field; mobile media services in the nature of electronic transmission of entertainment media content; podcasting services; webcasting services; subscription-based video streaming service; video-on-demand transmission services.”

“G & S: Entertainment services, namely, the production and exhibition of professional wrestling events; providing wrestling news and information via the Internet, a global computer network or a mobile app; the production and distribution of an ongoing series, featuring sports entertainment; production of programming; Entertainment services, namely, multimedia programs in the field of general human interest, distributed via various platforms across multiple forms of transmission media; providing entertainment information regarding ongoing programming via the Internet, a global computer network or a mobile app; entertainment services, namely, a production and distribution of programming featuring sports, news and current affairs rendered through the media of television, cable, satellite, radio, telephone and broadband systems, and via the internet and portable and wireless communication devices; providing information in the field of entertainment rendered via the Internet, and portable and wireless communication devices; Interactive entertainment services, providing personalized programming; providing online and on-screen guide to personalized and interactive television programming; production and distribution of entertainment and sports programming.”

Which do you feel is most likely, of these suggestions?

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