The Big Scotsman is certainly making his presence felt in his second WWE run. However, he isn’t crazy about the overall attitude he’s seen displayed backstage. He’s already stated that much of the talent wouldn’t have survived in the business 11 years ago due to lack of fire and motivation. Now, after speaking with Planeta Wrestling, McIntyre hopes to become someone that the boys in the back can look up to, and hopefully reinvigorate their passion for the industry. Drew had this to say.

Now, these guys haven’t been on the road with those guys and hadn’t had the chance to learn from these people. They may have met them once or twice but they haven’t been on the road, and hadn’t had the chance to look up to these guys the way I had looked up to The Undertaker. Now, we don’t have that anymore, and I feel like I need to be that guy. I am only 32, and have been wrestling for 20 years. You may think that I am in my 40’s because I have been around forever, but now i know that I need to be here and be a good example, not only for me but for the entire business.

It’s crazy to realize how long Drew has been in the business and still has his prime years ahead of him. Looking forward to his main roster feuds, which will hopefully be in the main event.

Steve Carrier

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