Welcome to our coverage of Monday Night Raw for the last time in May!

Tonight’s show features the return of the gauntlet match! Normally, gauntlet matches meant little to nothing, however a few months ago, a gauntlet match stole the show – almost literally as it ran for over an hour – and featured a career highlight for Seth Rollins. Tonight WWE aims to repeat that with the ladies, with the winner getting the final spot in the Women’s Money In The Bank ladder match. Tonight’s match includes Sasha Banks, Bayley, Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan, Mickie James and Dana Brooke.

Speaking of Seth Rollins, The Kingslayer will put his Intercontinental Championship on the line against the Modern Day Maharajah, Jinder Mahal! For some unknown reason, Mahal has taken a beef with Roman Reigns, and that has led to Reigns’ brother getting involved. Tonight Rollins hopes to rid himself of Mahal and further cement his IC title reign.

Bobby Lashley is seeking revenge on Sami Zayn for last weeks segment involving his “sisters”. Now, we all know that segment was downright painful to watch, one of the absolute worst things, and I for one have no desire to see the feud continue. Lashley has been a moot point since returning and a feud with Sami Zayn just doesn’t make sense or do either man any favours. Hopefully they can turn perceptions around and make us care, even a little.


Also on tonight’s show, Braun Strowman looks to continue his momentum towards Money In The Bank, Nia Jax responds to Ronda Rousey, and I’m sure Roman Reigns will pop-up at some point. Remember to download the Ringside Talk app and let us know what you’re excited to see. Enjoy the show!

Monday Night Raw opens with a tribute to the U.S Army for Memorial Day – a great package as always.

We go live to the arena and out comes the Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman! The announcers run-down the card for tonight as Strowman makes his way to the ring. A “Get These Hands” chant fires-up and Braun looks at the MITB briefcase. He says he gets motivated when he says the briefcase, because it guarantees him a Universal Championship shot at any time. He says at Money In The Bank he will destroy seven other men and take the case for himself, and be known as Mr. Money In The Bank. He shouts that Lesnar is going to “get these hands!”

Finn Balor interrupts Braun and talks as he makes his way to the ring. Finn says Braun is getting ahead of himself. He reminds everyone that he was the first Universal Champion and he never lost it, and that eats at him every day. He is determined to get back to the top, so he is going to win the briefcase to do so. He comes face-to-face with Braun and says last week they squared-off and Braun won but at MITB, there will be six other men in the ring with them and it’s everyone for themselves. Braun says Finn put up a good fight…for a little guy. Finn laughs with Braun, then slaps him in the face! Braun grabs Finn and throws him high into the air. Balor rolls from the ring and out comes Kurt Angle.

Angle says he sees intensity out here, and he likes that. He asks the fans in Virginia if they’d like to see these two have a match, right now! Of course, they do, so a referee makes his way to the ring and we get ready for that match as we see replays of the altercation.

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We return from the break and Kevin Owens joins the commentary team for this match.

Braun Strowman Vs. Finn Balor

The bell rings, and Strowman immediately throws Balor across the ring with a huge biel. Strowman tells him to get to his feet. Strowman then throws him across the ring again. Balor avoids a chop and an avalanche, but Strowman grabs him and punches him in the gut. Strowman gets him to his feet and head-butts him down. Bobby Roode is shown backstage watching this match.

Strowman points at the briefcase and whips Balor hard into the corner. Balor collapses to the mat in pain. Strowman slams Balor’s face off his knee before trying for an avalanche, but Balor boots him back. Balor hits the ropes and goes for a flying forearm, but he just bounces off Strowman. Strowman then clubs him down. Strowman kicks Balor in the ribs, and he goes to the apron to recover. Balor pulls himself back into the ring, and Strowman peppers him with more strikes. Strowman puts a foot on him to pin him and picks up a two count. Strowman whips him hard into the corner again and screams for him to stay down. Strowman gets him to his feet and clubs him down. Balor avoids a punch and dropkicks him before kicking him in the legs. Strowman soon blocks a kick and boots him down.

Suddenly, Kevin Owens gets on the microphone and shouts at Braun to give him some “motivation.” Owens tells him to not let a little worm like Balor slap him around, that he can do better. Braun doesn’t look impressed and goes back to working on Balor as we head to the break.

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We come back from the break to see Balor sidestep an avalanche and chop away at him. Strowman knocks him back. Balor goes for a slingshot kick from the apron, but Strowman blocks it and swats him to ringside. Strowman goes outside and charges to give Balor a shoulder tackle and he flies over the barricade!

Strowman scoops Balor up and goes over the barricade with him on his shoulder. Balor slides off and sends him into the ring post. Balor attacks Braun as he’s coming in the ring and knocks him over the top rope! Owens gets on the microphone to give Balor some “motivation”, just as he did for Braun. Owens tells Balor to give Strowman his best shot.

Balor charges, but Strowman grabs him by the throat. Balor knocks him off the apron and gives him a summersault senton. Balor gets in the ring and hits Strowman with a Sling Blade. Balor dropkicks Strowman into the corner and hits the Coup de Grace to the back of the head. The commentators don’t call the move. Balor then hits a second Coup de Grace. Balor goes to the top rope, and Kevin Owens blindsides him, knocking him to the floor. The referees calls for the bell.

Winner Via Disqualification: Finn Balor

After the match, Owens goes under the ring and grabs a ladder. Owens then uses the ladder by smashing Balor’s midsection. Owens gets in the ring and goes to hit Strowman, but Strowman blocks it. Owens quickly runs away but nearly gets hit by a ladder that Strowman throws halfway up the ramp!

We see replays of Jinder Mahal destroying Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins with a chair last night. Later tonight, Rollins defends his IC title against Mahal. We see Elias plucking his guitar backstage. He’ll be performing next!

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We return and see some replays. Kevin Owens is running around backstage with his suitcase, and he’s trying to get a car to leave the building. Kurt Angle approaches and asks him what he’s doing, to which Owens says he’s leaving to see the Memorial Day Parade. Angle reminds KO that he’s Canadian and doesn’t care about Memorial Day. He then informs KO that he has a match tonight against Bobby Roode, so go get changed.

We get a selfie promo from Sasha Banks, who says the Women’s MITB Briefcase already has her name written all over it. She says she has to get through tonight’s gauntlet match first, which requires skill, guts and luck. She says she has plenty of guts and skill, and you don’t need luck when you’re a boss.

We return live to the arena and Elias is in the ring, ready to drift away. He says tonight’s song is very special to him. It’s one of the ones where he just picks up the guitar and all the words just came to him. It’ll require total concentration. Even though they’re in the South, he’s hoping they can catch up. Elias starts playing, but he stops. Normally the lighting is good, but the crowd in Richmond is particularly disgusting. Elias wants the lights brought in more, so they are. Elias then starts playing again, but soon stops. Elias wants the vocals brought up. More Elias, less crowd. Elias is pleased with the results and says he’s doing everyone’s jobs. Elias says he’s a Renaissance Man, not that anyone in Richmond knows what that is. Elias plays again, but he stops and wants complete silence. They loudly boo him. Elias tells them to shut their mouths. If they think he’s messing around, he’ll sit here all night until he can hear a pin drop. And with that we’re going to commercial

Coming up next, Seth Rollins takes on Jinder Mahal with the WWE Intercontinental Championship on the line, that is, if Elias is gone.

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We come back from the break to see Elias still sitting in the ring. Elias says the people need to hear this song tonight. Elias wants them to shut their mouths. It’s simple. They’re still loudly booing. Elias tells them not to make him threaten to leave again because he will. A “Leave” chant picks up.

Seth Rollins’ music hits, and the WWE Intercontinental Champion makes his way to the ring. Elias is just standing in the ring. Rollins stands in front of him and just stares. Rollins picks up Elias’ stool and casually throws it out of the ring. Rollins then invites Elias to leave. Elias thinks about it while the crowd chants, “Leave.” Elias then leaves the ring without incident. Rollins then poses for the crowd.

Sunil Singh then comes out to the stage to introduce the next Intercontinental Champion and the Modern Day Maharaja, Jinder Mahal. The duo make their way to the ring and we get ring introductions for both men.

WWE Intercontinental championship match


The bell rings, and Rollins immediately dropkicks Mahal before chopping him in the corner. Mahal reverses a whip, but Rollins takes him down and punches him. Mahal rolls out of the ring, so Rollins hits him with a plancha. Rollins gets Mahal in the ring and scares Sunil Singh away. Rollins gets on the apron, and Mahal knocks Rollins off the apron and into the barricade. Rollins grabs his ribs in pain and Mahal is in charge.

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We come back from the break to see Mahal applying a bear hug. Rollins tries to fight out, so Mahal hits a back suplex. Mahal then applies an abdominal stretch. Mahal elbows him in the ribs a few times. Rollins fights out and hits the ropes, but Mahal knees him in the midsection. Mahal stomps away at him and taunts the crowd. Mahal charges, but Rollins gives him a reverse STO into the middle turnbuckle. Rollins boots him in the face, jumps over him, and hits a Sling Blade before sending him over the top rope with a clothesline.

Rollins hits the ropes and connects with a suicide dive. Rollins gets him in the ring and boots him back before hitting a blockbuster for a near fall. Rollins charges Mahal in the corner, but Mahal drops him on the apron. Rollins goes for a springboard, but Mahal moves. Mahal then scoops him up and hits the Sands of Time for a near fall. Mahal goes for the Khallas, but Rollins gets out. Mahal avoids the Stomp, so Rollins rolls him up for a two count. Rollins quickly superkicks him and hits a falcon arrow for a two count.

Both men are down, but Rollins kips up and holds his ribs before stomping the mat. Rollins kicks Mahal in the midsection and hits the ropes, but Singh grabs his feet. The referee holds Rollins back before pointing at Singh and ejecting him. While this is happening, Mahal hits Rollins in the ribs with a steel chair and covers for a near fall!

Rollins gets out of the Khallas and hits an enzuigiri. Singh gets on the apron, so Rollins brings him into the ring the hard way. Rollins superkicks Mahal and gives Singh a turnbuckle powerbomb into Mahal! Rollins looks at the chairs at ringside, then goes outside and grabs one. Rollins then gets in the ring and hits Mahal on the back and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner Via Disqualification: Jinder Mahal

Rollins hits Mahal with the chair again, and Mahal leaves the ring. Rollins goes outside and beats Mahal up the ramp with the chair. Singh grabs Rollins’ legs, so Rollins hits him with the chair. Mahal then runs away. Rollins stands on the table celebrating but out of nowehere Elias returns and smashes Rollins with a guitar and sends him flying to the floor below!

*Commercial Break*

We return and see replays, as well as Rollins being put on a stretcher.

Women’s Champion, Nia Jax makes her way to the ring for a match. However, before she can even get to the ring, Ronda Rousey’s music hits and she comes out. Nia looks very annoyed that Ronda interrupted her entrance. Ronda shakes hands with the announcers and she will be on commentary for this. Nia says she is glad Ronda came out for this, because this will be a teaser for what she will do at Money In The Bank. Nia asks her opponent to put an armbar on her – which she does incorrectly – and Nia lifts her up and slams her down. Nia then looks back at Ronda and says the armbar doesn’t mean anything to her. She then picks the girl back up and hits a Samoan drop. Nia says she could get a victory with that move but she isn’t done yet, so she hits a leg drop for good measure. She says you could count to 40 but that girl ain’t getting up. She says her leg could crush a girls chest but so could this…and she hits a front flip senton on her. Coach says Ronda can’t have seen anything like Nia before, and Ronda agrees. Nia invites Ronda to come down and help the poor girl out, so Ronda takes off the headset and walks to the ring. Ronda and Nia walk around each other and Nia says she’s meant to be intimidated by it but she’s not. She calls Ronda cute and laughs before walking off. Nia leaves laughing and Ronda looks confused.

Later tonight, the gauntlet match for Money In The Bank. We get a selfie promo from Dana Brooke, who is standing in front of a whiteboard, she shows the statistics behind one person winning the briefcase.

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt come to the ring for some tag team action, after the break!

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The Woken Warriors Vs. The Ascension

Bray Wyatt starts against Viktor. Wyatt smiles as they circle the ring. They lock up, and Viktor forearms him back. Wyatt throws him off and runs into an elbow. Wyatt takes a back bump and does a crabwalk. Wyatt gets to his feet and head-butts Viktor down. Matt Hardy tags in and whips Wyatt into Viktor.

Matt is tagged back in after some offence from Bray, however Konnor distracts Hardy, and Viktor takes him down. Viktor stomps away at him before tagging Konnor in. The Ascension takes Hardy down for a two count. Viktor punches Hardy down before dropping an elbow for a two count. Viktor applies a chin lock, but Hardy fights up and hits a back suplex. Viktor keeps the chin lock applied. Konnor lets go and clubs the back before punching him to the corner. Viktor whips him hard into the corner and hits a headlock takeover.

Hardy gets to his feet. Viktor tags in and misses a move. Wyatt tags in and clears the ring of The Ascension. Viktor soon boots Wyatt back, but he’s killed by a clothesline and a senton splash. Konnor breaks up the pin. Hardy comes in and gives Konnor a Twist of Fate followed by a clothesline over the top rope. Viktor rolls Wyatt up for a two count. Wyatt then takes him down with a uranage. Hardy tags in, and they hit a Kiss of Deletion for the win.

Winners: The Woken Warriors

Well, that match happened and that’s all there really is to say about it.

We go backstage to the B-Team, who are with Kurt Angle. They say they’re undefeated and want a RAW Tag Team Championship match. Angle agrees they’ve been doing well, but they’ve only defeated Breezango twice. Angle asks what will the other tag teams think if he lets them leapfrog them. Bo Dallas asks if they need to get the blessing of the other tag teams. Axel is still mad about Angle not giving them their match. Dallas says they’ll invite the other tag teams to The B-Team Memorial Day BBQ Bash! Angle says he didn’t mean for them to do that. They high five and leave.

Coming up next, we’ll see Kevin Owens take on Bobby Roode.

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We return from the break and get a quick promo from The Riott Squad, saying one of them will win the gauntlet match.

Bobby Roode Vs. Kevin Owens

They lock up, and Roode applies a side headlock. Owens tries to whip him off, but Roode holds on. Owens elbows him back and applies a chin lock. Roode fights out, so Owens takes him down by the hair. Owens applies another chin lock. A “Kevin Owens/Bobby Roode” chant fires up.

Roode Irish whips him off, but Owens shoulder blocks him down. Roode leapfrogs him and hits a shoulder block. Roode punches and chops him in the corner. Roode slingshots over him and goes for a Glorious DDT, but Owens gets out. Owens sends him into the ropes, but Roode holds on. Roode puts him on the apron and clotheslines him on the apron. Roode goes to the apron, but Owens takes him down. Owens sends him into the barricade and hits a cannonball against the barricade.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the break to see Roode fighting out of a chin lock, but Owens clubs him down. Owens sends him into the ropes and shoulder blocks him down. Roode avoids a senton splash and takes a few moments to recover. Roode blocks a right hand and punches Owens back. Owens kicks him back and charges, but Roode elbows him in the face. Roode boots him back and comes off the second rope with a blockbuster for a two count. Roode connects with a neckbreaker for a two count.

Roode goes to the top rope, but Owens crotches him. Owens goes for a superplex, but Roode blocks it and punches him down to the mat. Roode hits a diving clothesline off the top rope and gets geared up, but Owens rolls out of the ring. Roode goes outside and clotheslines him down. Roode gets Owens in the ring, but Owens blindsides him with a superkick for a two count. Owens goes for a Pop-up Powerbomb, but Roode gets out. Roode goes for a sunset flip, but Owens sits on his shoulders and gets the 123!

Winner: Kevin Owens

As Owens is celebrating/retreating up the ramp, Braun Strowman comes back out and chases him around the ring. Bobby Roode runs the interference and stops Owens from escaping. Strowman catches Owens, sends him into the ring, and shoulder tackles him. Strowman then hits a running powerslam. Roode encourages Strowman for another, so the big man acquiesces. However, Strowman then decides Roode needs to get the hands as well, as he hits him with a running powerslam! Strowman poses for the fans before leaving.

Up next, Sami Zayn will issue a formal apology for last week.

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Sami Zayn makes his way to the ring to apologise for last week’s god awful segment with Bobby Lashley’s sisters. says last week didn’t go as he hoped. Zayn went too far and WWE management has been gracious enough to let him give a formal, public apology. To the WWE Universe and the Lashley family, he conducted an interview with Lashley’s sisters that was described on social media as brutal and cringey. Zayn says he lied to the fans. Those were not Bobby Lashley’s real sisters. In fact… they were men that he hired just to have a little fun at Bobby Lashley’s expense. His goal was to entertain and not provoke. To the Lashley family, WWE management, and the WWE Universe… he is… sorry. It should be noted that everything he said was true. Like all good art, his expose on Bobby Lashley was rooted in reality. Zayn is such a brilliant artist that he doesn’t think the people of Richmond would get it. Zayn is exposing Lashley as a bully, yet he is catching flak. The people should feel sorry for Zayn and apologize to him because he deserves better. Zayn deserves to be in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Zayn should not have to issue an apology in front of a repulsive crowd like the one in Richmond, Virginia.

Bobby Lashley’s music hits, and he comes out to almost no reaction. Lashley high fives some fans and is smiling. Lashley says Memorial Day is a special day for families like his. For anyone that has family members that served in the military, he salutes and thanks them. A “USA” chant picks up. Lashley says his sisters, the ones he never contacted, thinks he’s quite entertaining. It was fun last week, but it gets old really fast. They should just settle their issue like men in the ring. Lashley challenges him to a match at Money in the Bank, a challenge that is met with barely any reaction. Lashley wants him to back up the trash talk. Zayn eventually shakes his hand and accepts the challenge. Zayn says he’ll Helluva Kick the stupid smile off his face. Lashley doesn’t let go of the handshake. Lashley then squeezes Zayn’s hand and Sami screams in pain. Lashley has an apology of his own: he apologizes for everything he’ll do to Zayn at Money in the Bank. Lashley then releases the handshake and Sami leaves.

Mickie James says she’ll be walking into Money in the Bank after winning tonight. That was not a good segment, though these selfie promos rarely are.

Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring alongside Dolph Ziggler. McIntyre will be in action, next.

*Commercial Break*

Drew McIntyre W/Dolph Ziggler Vs. Chad Gable

The bell rings, and Gable goes for a takedown, but McIntyre shrugs him off. McIntyre elbows him in the face and slams him. McIntyre chops the chest a few times and slaps him in the face while talking trash. Gable turns him around and angrily punches away at him. McIntyre quickly kicks him down and punches away at him. McIntyre easily suplexes him for a two count before applying an arm bar and grounding him.

Gable fights up, but McIntyre takes him down and reapplies the arm bar. Gable fights up, but McIntyre elbows him in the face and throws him across the ring. Gable soon fights him away and hits a moonsault block for a two count. McIntyre quickly throws him out of the ring and goes outside, but Gable elbows him back inside. Gable hits a rolling kick and goes to the apron before kicking him back. Gable goes for a cross-body block to the floor, but McIntyre catches him and throws him into the ring post like a lawn dart. McIntyre gets him in the ring and hits the Claymore for the win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

After the break, we’re getting the B-Team’s MemoriaL Day BBQ.

*Commercial Break*

We return to see the ring filled with tag teams for the BBQ. Dallas and Axel talk about the spread of food they have there and tell them to dig in. Curtis Axel says since they’re undefeated, they want their blessing to face Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy for the RAW Tag Team Championships. Titus O’Neil asks if they really brought them out to this bootleg BBQ to skip to the front of the line. Heath Slater says in West Virginia this would be like Thanksgiving. Slater says even though this is a great spread, they will not be cutting any lines to get to the RAW Tag Team Titles. Axel confirms that they don’t have the blessing of the tag teams and takes their food back. O’Neil pours baked beans over Bo Dallas’ head. Breezango then puts potato salad on Axel’s head. A food fight then breaks out while Rhyno just sits there eating baloney sandwiches. The fight spills outside the ring. The B-Team then returns to the ring and slams Rhyno through a table.

Coming up next, we’ll have the Money in the Bank Qualifying Gauntlet Match.

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The B-Team is complaining to Kurt angle about what just happened. Angle says they’ll settle it in the ring next week, not with a stupid food fight. They’ll have a Tag Team Battle Royal with the winners facing Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt for the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships.

Bayley makes her entrance and Charly Caruso interviews her in the ring. Bayley says she’ll go through everyone, including Sasha Banks, to get a chance at the Money in the Bank contract.

Gauntlet Match
Bayley vs. Liv Morgan

Bayley ducks a clothesline and hits a Bayley-To-Belly for the pin.

Liv Morgan Eliminated

Bayley only gets a moments rest before her next opponent is out…

Bayley vs. Sarah Logan

Bayley goes for a Bayley-to-Belly, but it’s blocked. Bayley knocks her out of the ring and hits a hurricanrana at ringside. Bayley gets her in the ring for a two count. Logan snaps her off the ropes and hits a modified northern lights suplex for a two count. Ember Moon is seen watching backstage. Logan drops a knee for another two count. Bayley then surprises her with a roll-up for the pin.

Sarah Logan Eliminated

Logan and Morgan attack Bayley and take her out. Their leader, Ruby Riott, will face Bayley next.

*Commercial Break*

Bayley vs. Ruby Riott

We join this match in progress. Riott knees away at Bayley’s midsection, but Bayley knocks her back and rolls her up for a one count. Bayley hits a side suplex and holds her neck. Alexa Bliss is seen watching backstage. Riott quickly snaps Bayley’s shoulder off the ropes before hitting the Riott Kick for the win. So far this has been a standard gauntlet match, a pale comparison to the one from a few months ago.

Bayley Eliminated

Bayley’s impressive run is over thanks to Ruby. Her next opponent is Dana Brooke!

Ruby Riott vs. Dana Brooke

Riott stomps away at Brooke as soon as she gets in the ring and slams her head off the turnbuckle. Brooke soon turns her and punches away at her in the corner. Brooke whips her across the ring and hits a handspring back elbow. Brooke hits a short-arm clothesline for a two count. Riott gets to her feet and surprises her with a Riott Kick for the win.

Dana Brooke Eliminated

Ruby Riott Vs. Mickie James

James pulls Riott out of the ring and kicks her in the ribs. James gets her in the ring, but Riott rolls back out of the ring. James hits a Thesz Press off the apron. A “Let’s go Mickie” chant picks up. This is her hometown. James gets Riott in the ring for a two count. Riott fights James back, but James responds with a back elbow and a hurricanrana. James dropkicks her for a two count. James hits a baseball slide and poses.

*Commercial Break*

We return to see James starting to build up some momentum. Sasha drops Ruby with a flapjack before climbing to the top turnbuckle for another Thesz press to score a near fall. They each duck each other’s finishing kick and Ruby rolls up Mickie with a handful of tights for another win.

Winner: Ruby Riott

Ruby Riott Vs. Sasha Banks

Banks gets a crucifix pin for a two count. Banks hits a second rope cross-body for another two count. Banks applies an arm bar before Riott fights out. They botch something and then Riott takes her down for a two count. Riott stomps away at her and pushes her while talking trash. Riott slams her face off the mat for a two count. Natalya is seen watching on television backstage. Banks boots Riott back and pulls her face-first into the turnbuckle. Riott drops her on the apron, but Banks knees her in the face.

Banks hits a top rope meteora for a two count. Riott avoids a move from Banks and elbows her away from her. Riott pulls her into the ropes and hits a modified DDT for a two count. Riott quickly kicks her in the face for another two count. Both women are down. Riott soon gets to her feet and pulls Banks up. Riott chops the chest and tries for a superplex, but Banks blocks it. Banks slides off and hits a powerbomb for a near fall. Banks immediately goes for a Bank Statement, but she’s distracted by The Riott Squad. Banks knocks Morgan off of the apron and Ruby grabs her but Banks reverses it into the Bank Statement again and Ruby taps.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Banks celebrates her win and place in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match, while Ruby is helped retreat with Logan and Morgan.

That’s it for tonight’s Raw. Let us know what you thought and come back tomorrow night for SmackDown Live as well as all of your wrestling coverage!

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