Io Shirai looks to be on her way to WWE is she can get cleared by WWE’s doctors. But all in all, it might not be the best financial move starting out for her.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Io Shirai will be losing a ton of money when she comes to WWE in regards to her amazing merchandise deals.

“It Is a lot less money because she made a killing on merchandise in Japan. Which is another aspect of what she is going to lose in WWE. Her deal was she sold her merchandise and kept her merchandise. It isn’t like in WWE where she gets a cut and all that so she did very very well there.”

Unlike in WWE, Superstars only get a fraction of their merchandise profits but Shirai had a great deal in place where she kept everything. Hopefully, she saved her money because if WWE signs her to an NXT deal starting out she might not be making the big dollars for a long time to come.

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H Jenkins

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