It looks like the trend of WWE Superstars showing up at NXT Live shows might be continuing. The Revival worked a string of Texas house shows with NXT and Tyler Breeze also popped in on a Jacksonville house show that same weekend.

Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Live that there will probably be more appearances of WWE Superstars in NXT to come as the main roster continues to be really full and some guys just aren’t able to fit on the weekly Raw and SmackDown shows.

“As you can see from last weekend, they are slowly starting to have some of the guys who aren’t being used much, Revival. I think you may see some others as well, showing up at NXT live events which should be happening.”

It was also noted that if WWE wants to push NXT as a 3rd brand then they should be sending talent down every now and then because they used to do it all the time when WWE used OVW as their developmental territory.

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H Jenkins

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