Bobby Lashley’s sisters were on Raw this week as Sami Zayn brought them out to reveal the truth about Bobby. It was a horrible segment that has been panned all around already winning a lot of people’s vote for the worst segment of the year.

Bryan Alvarez discussed this awful segment on Wrestling Observer Live where he revealed that WWE could very well have dropped this awful segment on us knowing how bad it would be.

“I know everyone hated everything with Sami Zayn and Bobby Lashley’s alleged sisters. Honest to god, I don’t have a lot of feelings about it, because have you been watching WWE for the last 25 years? This is what they love to do. Just a bad segment it was designed to be bad they knew it was going to be bad going in. They hope it gets a little bit of heat. They hope that train wreck television viewership number during the Raw ratings.”

So it looks like there are a lot of strategies to try and get people to watch the show and Bobby Lashley’s segment with Sami Zayn and Lashley’s “sisters” was apparently just god-awful on purpose.

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H Jenkins

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