JBL Looking Forward to Mauro Ranallo’s Documentary

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JBL and Mauro Ranallo are not the best of friends and that’s no secret. The former SmackDown LIVE co-workers had a lot of heat between them in early 2017 that ultimately led to Ranallo disappearing from WWE TV.

Rumours suggested that JBL bullied Ranallo backstage which made him quit his job. However, Ranallo came back to the WWE after a short hiatus and is now a commentator for NXT.

Ranallo’s new documentary, “Bipolar Rock N’ Roller” has garnered him a lot of attention and appreciation from his peers and fans alike. The commentator’s documentary revolves around his struggles against Bipolar Disorder and raises awareness for mental health.

JBL took to his Twitter to appreciate Ranallo’s documentary and said that he plans on watching the film when it comes out:

Though this tweet doesn’t guarantee that the two are on good terms, it certainly indicates that there’s a mutual professional respect between the two.

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