WWE usually shows a lot of interest in the United Kingdom market once ITV starts to consider running another World Of Sport program. WWE doesn’t like the idea of competition and it looks like WWE might be signing away some more talent away from the possibility of someday seeing them on a rival program.

Bryan Alvarez went into some detail during Wrestling Observer Radio on who he has heard might be a possibility for coming in during this round of WWE’s UK signings.

“Toni Storm was key on the radar but they’re not allowed to talk about signing until they have signed. This is not a list of confirmed signings but those who have been in talks with WWE’s new project are Toni Storm, Joe Coffey, Dave Mastiff, El Ligero, Travis Banks,Chad Brooks, and Eddie Dennis and there will probably be more.”

It looks like WWE is going to start really beefing up their UK Division once more now that ITV’s World Of Sport program seems to be a threat once again.

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H Jenkins

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