It’s hard to have a bad match against Daniel Bryan but Big Cass pulled it off at Backlash. On top of that, during the buildup to the pay-per-view, Cass really pissed off backstage officials when he beat down a little person after giving him a big boot. It turns out that Cass was only supposed to give the boot to the mini-Daniel Bryan but then decided to throw in some punches which wasn’t the plan and some saw it as Cass going into business for himself. But this feud seems to continue even though everyone wants to see Daniel Bryan punch The Miz in the face.

So it looks like WWE officials might be a tad upset with Big Cass right now yet they’re continuing with his storyline against Daniel Bryan anyway. If you’re wondering why Dave Meltzer had a pretty good thing to say about it on Wrestling Observer Radio.

“By the way did you see the story about Big Cass and the mini Daniel Bryan thing? Yeah, what’s that all about? It is true. That might be why on tv on Tuesday he not there. He shouldn’t have beaten down Daniel Bryan after that match [at Backlash]. This happened weeks ago, well he tapped right away but then he beat him down after but then they did nothing on Tuesday.”

“I don’t think they want to go to The Miz thing that quick so I guess they just gotta keep it going. But, whatever.”

Big Cass went off script and he might pay for it in time. But for now, it looks like WWE is still trudging through with a Big Cass vs Daniel Brian feud because they don’t seem to have any other obvious option.

Daniel Bryan vs The Miz is a marquee match and it looks like WWE is still holding out on it so Big Cass will have to do.


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