Two NXT Stars Suffer Tough Injuries & Will Be Out For Months


NXT is a great asset to WWE but it’s still as dangerous as the action on the main roster. Riddick Moss and Tino Sabbatelli were recently injured and Dave Meltzer provided some information on the two during Wrestling Observer Radio and the prognosis doesn’t sound very good.

“Riddick Moss suffered a torn Achilles tendon which is a nasty injury so he’s going to be out for a long time. Him and Sabbatelli did that angle where they turned on each other and Sabbatelli he had surgery on his peck a couple days ago. So that’s probably close to 8 months.”

“Achilles tendon I was told that it might be 8 months. I mean I always — most of the time Achilles tendon injuries take close to a year. I don’t know if they’ve got better rehab or something like that because I was told it wouldn’t be 10 months to a year it would be a little less.”

It looks like Moss and Sabbatelli might have to continue their breakup angle in rehab. Let’s hope they can come back focused and ready because it might be a while before we see either of them again.

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