The Hulkster continues to make noise regarding a possible return to the WWE. In a sit-down with the Miami Herald, the Immortal One reflects on his recent induction into the Boys and Girls Club Hall of Fame, comments on how the N.W.O. faction changed the business for the better, and even praises Ronda Rousey for asking Roddy Piper’s permission for her name in the octagon. Of course, the Herald asked Hogan if he would ever return to the WWE, and he had this to say:

Well, never say never. That would be a dream come true for me to go back home. I started many, many years ago in 1977, 78 for Vince McMahon Sr., and I’ve been back-n-forth several times. So I’d like to go back one last time and stay there and never leave home again.

I believe there will eventually be an appropriate time for Hogan to come back. His impact on the business and success during his runs are part of the reason the industry grew as big as it did. On the other hand, are the fans and talent prepared to accept him with open arms? Is he ready to be forgiven? I don’t have the answer. Only time will tell.

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Steve Carrier

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