WWE seems to be in a constant war with information. In a day and age where all it takes is one tweet and suddenly the world is aware of something, they are now taking some big steps to try and plug any leaks.

Daniel Bryan appeared on Talk Is Jericho this week where they discussed some plans WWE had for WrestleMania after Shane McMahon suffered a slew of health issues just before the show. As Jericho explained the plans were actually being set in place for him to take Shane McMahon’s role in the tag match with Daniel Bryan against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

“He goes listen, we don’t know if [Shane] can do Mania and he got someone to look over my schedule and we had a Fozzy show that day and originally when I was like, ‘why are we competing against WrestleMania? Why don’t we just do a combine it, we’ll do an earlier show, and let the venue buy WrestleMania and we’ll watch WrestleMania.'”

“He goes, ‘I know you got a Fozzy show and you’re watching WrestleMania with your fans. But what would you think about coming to New Orleans if Shane can’t do it?’ Do you know anything about this?”

Daniel Bryan replied admitting that they are living in a new age backstage in WWE where information is kept very secret and the workers aren’t made aware of what’s really going on because WWE doesn’t want any inside information leaking out to the public.

“It’s weird because we’re in this stage now where they don’t tell the boys anything. Right, so they keep all the secrets from the boys cause they’re afraid the boys are all talking to the dirt sheets and all that kind of stuff. And so I ask because Shane called me and told me. He said, ‘I’m in the hospital right now, I got diverticulitis while I was in Antigua and then when they were giving me IVs I got a staph infection from the IVs and then I have this hernia that’s coming out of my stomach. But don’t worry I’ll be ready for Mania.’ I was just like, ‘what? how?!'”

“So I was on my way to TV in the airport security when he texted and said ‘call me’ and all that happened. Then I talked to him and he said that and when I got to TV the next day I was like, ‘what are we going to do? Like certainly he can’t be wrestling.’ And they said, ‘well, he says he’s wrestling but we have a backup and we think it’s a pretty good backup.’ I said, ‘who is it?’ And then said: ‘We can’t tell you.'”

Bryan found it insane that he was in the match and they wouldn’t tell him who Shane’s backup was. He assumed the backup was Chris Jericho but in the end, the WWE office wouldn’t even let Daniel Bryan in on their plans.


Jericho said they had worked out a travel schedule that would have gotten him to the Mercedes Benz Superdome just on time and although he had no problem calling a match in the ring he knew Kevin Owens and especially Sami Zayn would have lost their minds.

Somehow Shane McMahon was able to pull it off so WrestleMania went down without a hitch. But WWE did everything they could to keep any information a secret in the process even if it seemed a bit overkill by not clueing in Daniel Bryan.

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