Why The Crowd Seemed So Distracted This Week On Raw

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This weeks’ edition of Raw was interesting in parts because you could tell the audience in the building wasn’t paying attention to the show.

Dave Meltzer discussed what was going on during Wrestling Observer Radio.

“The crowd lost interest there were a lot of distractions. There were a bunch of things in the crowd that took their attention away whether it was beach balls, a marriage proposal, I think there were some other things as well. ”

“So you could watch the show and at certain points like during the women’s match and during the Jinder Mahal beatdown of Chad Gable. When you’re watching you’re going — looking at the crowd you can tell their heads are turned they’re not watching the match because you can tell by watching that they’re reacting to something that’s not even in this.”

Fans go to Monday Night Raw for many different reasons and they don’t all have to do with WWE in the end.

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