Who To Thank For Best Match On The Backlash Card


Backlash is in the books and a few of the matches left fans a little disappointed.

We previously reported that a production sheet leaked for Backlash before the show started on Sunday which revealed several backstage details about the show.

Although Backlash didn’t deliver for many, a lot of fans still loved the opening match between Seth Rollins and The Miz. Those guys really turned it up as they put a massive spotlight on the Intercontinental Title to start the show leaving many fans to say they had the match of the night.

Upon studying the leaked Backlash production sheet you discover that it was actually TJ Wilson who booked this impressive opening contest. Wilson aka Tyson Kidd has been a road agent for several months now after being called to the road by WWE after he sat at home for far too long recovering from a neck injury.

WWE agents have a lot to do with matches and can either sink or swim with the contest’s success.

He might not be in the ring, but TJ Wilson can still do plenty for the pro wrestling business. Although Seth and Finn deserve a ton of credit, a special thank you really needs to be given to TJ Wilson as well.

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