Edge and Christian open today’s show by speaking about last Friday’s Greatest Royal Rumble event. They both inform that they haven’t had a chance to watch the entire event, but they saw a few highlights. The one spot that everyone was talking about after this event was Titus O’Neil’s fall during his entrance. Christian thought O’Neil handled it well, and Edge points out that O’Neil didn’t have much choice but to play along with everyone and laugh at himself.

Christian started to wonder how he would have handled that situation if he were in O’Neil’s place, and he thinks he would have continued to crawl under the ring so he would have came out on the other side. He then would have played it off as if he was trying to do it all along. Edge agrees, noting he probably would have done that as well if he was O’Neil.

Christian notes that O’Neil is a great guy who spent hours talking to him on plane rides about the business. Christian really appreciated O’Neil’s drive and determination to learn the wrestling business and to get better as a performer.


The other spot that caught Edge’s attention during the event was Roman Reigns’ spear through the ropes which concluded the Universal Title main event. He says that if someone would have pitched that idea to him he would have told them that it wasn’t going to work.

Edge informs that he delivered a couple of spears through the ropes during his career, and adds that it’s a dangerous move because your opponent stops your momentum. When you bring a cage into the equation, that only stops your momentum further. He points out that this could have went really bad for Reigns.

Edge & Christian welcome Paige to the show.

Paige informs that she absolutely loves working as Smackdown Live’s General Manager. She went from being very sad on RAW while delivering her retirement speech, to being on the top of the world the next day when she was announced as the next GM of Smackdown.

She points out that it was very hard to deliver her retirement speech but she was able to keep her emotions under control. However, when she walked back through the curtain people were crying and that made everything so much worse. She adds that Stephanie McMahon gave her a big hug, as did Triple H and Vince McMahon, and then as she walked down from the Gorilla Position all the other female talents were there waiting for her.

Paige mentions that it was a long road back to the ring from injury, but in her first matches back she began noticing some issues with her neck/spine. She kept working matches and thought it would pass when her body became accustomed to working regularly again. When the decisive accident happened at a recent house show she lost all feeling in her arms and legs, and she says that was absolutely terrifying.

She notes that some fans are already asking her if she’ll be able to return to the ring, but she doesn’t see that happening anytime soon. She says her doctor told her that she may be able to wrestle again in 15-20 years, but she’s not sure if she’ll want to be wrestling at that point.

Paige informs that she started to wrestle when she was 13 years old. She grew up in a wrestling family and one day her father needed another female talent for a show. He told her that she was on the show and she wrestled that night in her regular clothing that she’d been wearing all day. She actually got knocked out cold in that match.

From there she started to go on the road, and in her second match she tried to climb to the top rope without any experience and she fell, hitting her head and knocking herself out again. She laughs, noting that it was a pretty rough start to her career.
She recalls taking a Samoan drop from her Mother at one point and hurting her hand, and on another occasion she had her nose dislocated and had to fly back home where her mother popped it back into place for her. Edge points out that these aren’t things that many people can say.

Paige notes that prior to her debut on the main roster, she received a text from The Rock. He wanted to meet with her so she agreed, and soon they were discussing the possibility of The Rock making a movie about her life. She was thrilled about this, and things only got better when Rock told her that she was going to debut on RAW the next night and win the Diva’s Title. She thinks he played a big part in making that happen for her.

Paige notes that she has a great relationship with Renee Young. She hopes to bring back Talking Smack with Renee, because she thinks it would be really entertaining and funny.

That sums up this week’s episode of E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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