It seems like WWE is finally moving forward with its plans for the United Kingdom Division. With the announcement of the return of the United Kingdom Tournament, the WWE will look to expand its influence in the British province.

Triple H revealed in an interview with Mirror Sports that the announcement regarding the UK Division will be made at next month’s UK Championship Tournament. Triple H also said that the UK brand is very dear to him and when it finally arrives, it will be meaningful to everybody involved.

While we are there at this UK event at the Royal Albert Hall, we will be making some announcements about the future of the UK Championship brand there in the UK and moving forward.

That brand still remains very near and dear to me and it’s something I want to move on. It’s taking a little bit longer than I anticipated in getting things done and getting them done in the way I want them to get done… but it’s happening.

It will be meaningful to everybody there and over there and I look forward to showcasing the UK talent to the world.

The United Kingdom Championship Tournament returns next month and will take place at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

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Darshan Sheth

Darshan Sheth is a 20-year-old news contributor from India. He has been writing about pro-wrestling in particular since late 2015 and has not looked back since.

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