Possible Match for Next Year’s WrestleMania 35 Event


While discussing WWE’s decision to not bring back Batista as Ronda Rousey’s WrestleMania 34 partner during today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer speculated that we may see him return next year for a possible retirement angle against Triple H.

“You know Batista wants to work with Triple H at next year’s WrestleMania as a retirement match. Will they do it? They may. It’s not a bad idea as far as a match goes. Batista retirement, Hall of Fame and all that. They asked him to go into the Hall of Fame this year but he didn’t want to because he still wants a final run.”

As many of you are aware, Batista has been lobbying for one last run with WWE and he wants to do it with Triple H in a retirement angle. It will be interesting to see if we finally get that angle.

(Please H/T Ringisde News when using the above news)

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