“The Five Feet of Fury” Alexa Bliss is probably not someone you would want to piss off intentionally. It seems like the former RAW Women’s Champion will have to produce another informercial on anti-bullying but Nia Jax won’t be the subject of it this time around.

Bliss took to her Twitter handle to call out shipping company FedEx for inconveniences she has been facing as of late. Bliss also hinted that she might have been met with rudeness by one of the employees:

Soon after this tweet, FedEx’s official Twitter handle reached out to Bliss to get more details about the inconveniences that she was facing.


One fan had the perfect solution to Bliss’s problem:

Do you think a FedEx employee might get Braun’s hands soon? Let us know in the comments below…

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Darshan Sheth

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