How Much Does WWE Stand to Make at Greatest Royal Rumble?


While there’s been controversy surrounding tomorrow’s Greatest Royal Rumble event for not including any of the women superstars, the end result will still see the WWE net a large amount of money. How much exactly?

According to PW Stream, just for hosting the event Vince and company plan on breaking 9 figures.

That’s not even including whatever merchandise they could possibly sell, or the possibility of returning for a multiple night event. Regardless of how well the show is booked, this is already a monumental success for the WWE and could perhaps lead to more international events being streamed on the network. I wouldn’t rule out the idea of them searching for a WrestleMania venue across the seas as well.

It’s worth noting that Dave Meltzer mentioned on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio that he’s not sure exactly how much the event will make. As of this writing, PW Stream is the only outlet claiming these figures, so take that for what it’s worth.

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