Impact’s most recent round of tapings following Sunday’s Redemption PPV took place this past Monday in Orlando at the Impact Zone (Universal Studios). Special thanks to Jacob Cohen for tweeting the results. SPOILERS BELOW.

Xplosion match: Rohit Raju defeated Suicide

 Impact tag champions Scott Steiner and Eli Drake defeated LAX (w/Konnan)

Post match Eli Drake puts anyone chasing the World Title on notice, and reminds them that he can cash in his briefcase whenever he feels like it. Austin Aries comes out and says that the most important title is the Grand Championship because he holds it. Pentagon Jr. comes out next but before he could get a word out Steiner and Drake attack Penta and A.A. They would eventually get the upperhand over the tag champs, and had a staredown with each other holding their respective titles.


 Impact Knockouts Champion Allie defeated Taya Valkyrie

Undead Brides bring out a casket. Lights go out. When they come up Su Yung attacks Allie. Lights go out again. This time when they come back Rosemary is there and she stares down Yung. Lights out and Yung disappears.

Brian Cage defeated Trevor Lee

Afterwards Eddie Edwards comes out and cuts a promo saying he wants OVE in the hospital next to Sami Calihan. They come out for a brawl, but a video airs of Calihan stalking Edwards’s wife at the hospital. He immediately retreats to the back.

Moose defeated Braxton Sutter

After the match, Moose declared himself “Mr. Impact” and said he’s going after Pentagon Jr.’s World title.

X Division Champion Matt Sydal defeated Taiji Ishimori

Drake comes out again and gives Steiner the night off. He declares that he’s cashing in his briefcase on Pentagon, and will challenge for the title on next week’s show. (Later in the taping.)

Dezmond Xavier, DJZ, and Andrew Everett defeated Drago, Aerostar, and El Hijo del Fantasma

OVE defeated KM and Fallah Bahh

Su Yung vs. Rosemary was a no contest as the Legion of Undead Brides attacked Rosemary. Allie came out to help Rosemary, but the Brides attacked her as well. Yung sprayed mist in her eyes and gave her a Death Valley Driver off the stage through a table. They then put Rosemary in a casket.

 Impact World Champion Pentagon Jr. defeated Eli Drake

Aries was out on commentary.

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