Lawler is joined on today’s show by his co-host, Glenn Moore.

Lawler says it’s unbelievable how many people have responded to the news that he suffered a stroke a few weeks ago and he’s blown away by how much coverage it has received. He’s very thankful for all the get well wishes and messages he’s received from his fans.

He does admit that there have been some negative messages online, and some were directed at his girlfriend due to the fact that he suffered his stroke after being involved romantically with her. He points out that his stroke was caused by his high blood pressure, and it probably would have happened the next time his blood pressure rose to a certain level anyways. Thankfully, he’s back on his blood pressure medication now and his blood pressure has been regulated.


Lawler admits that he was fooled on Twitter this past week by a fake account. He thought the son of John Wayne had reached out to him and he was very excited about this. He then got his old friend, Jim Ross involved because Ross is a huge John Wayne fan and even has a John Wayne collection. After some time, both he and Ross realized that this was a hoax and some guy was impersonating John Wayne’s son.

Apparently this guy fooled a lot of people because the account had over 40,000 followers. Lawler doesn’t understand what some people do with their spare time, and he can’t figure out how someone can get off on impersonating other people on the internet and fooling people.

Lawler comments on the passing of WWE legend and Hall of Famer, Bruno Sammartino. He was saddened to hear of Sammartino’s passing and notes how incredible Sammartino’s career was. Although he only had two Championship reigns his reigns were lengthy, with one lasting 11 years. He met and talked with Sammartino a few times and treasured those conversations.

He points out that Sammartino had the “It” factor and had a tremendous way of interacting with his fans. Sammartino appealed to the blue collar fans who lived vicariously through him and he became immensely popular because of this.

Lawler admits that Sammartino’s passing made him think about his own mortality. Although Sammartino lived to be 82, Lawler’s 68 now and realized that even if he lives to be 82 he only has 14 years left. He points out that you simply have to enjoy life because we all have an expiration date, regardless of whether you take good care of yourself and live a healthy lifestyle.

Lawler informs that former WCW Champion, David Arquette tweeted him this past week and challenged him to an art challenge. Arquette is actually a certified Bob Ross art teacher and wants to challenge Lawler, who’s also an accomplished artist.

Lawler points out that he wants to have an art challenge with Jim Carey as well, who’s been posting a lot of his artwork on Twitter recently. A fan recently asked Lawler if he was actually doing the artwork that Carey has been posting and Lawler shut that notion down, adding that he thought Carey was painting with a blindfold on.

Lawler comments on John Cena and Nikki Bella’s recent breakup. He points out that Hollywood marriages are very tough and both Cena and Nikki lead very busy lives. He adds that the Hollywood lifestyle is impossible for most people to understand, and it makes it hard to sustain any kind of relationship when both people are so busy with their professional careers. He doesn’t want to speculate, but he assumes their professional schedules are to blame for this breakup because with everything else going on it’s hard to find time for each other.

Lawler points out that Cena appears to be taking same path to Hollywood as The Rock. Speaking of being busy, Lawler’s not even sure how The Rock has time to sleep with his schedule. He’s working on multiple projects at all times and then he has to be in the gym several hours a day to maintain his look.

Lawler notes that even if filming starts at 9AM makeup starts hours before that. He recalls being on the set of Man on the Moon, where he’d have to be in makeup for hours prior to filming in order to get his fake beard and makeup put on. The Hollywood life is quite time consuming, and guys like The Rock and Cena are living it every single day.

That sums up this week’s episode of Dinner With the King. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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