The Beast has certainly been dominating the headlines since his most recent bloody brawl with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. The match ended with him MURDERING the Big Dog with six F-5’s and retaining his Universal Championship that he won off of Goldberg back in Orlando. A backstage incident with Vince McMahon post match seemed to be the most important news story coming out of Mania weekend and has led to Lesnar being scheduled for at least three more WWE appearances, including the Greatest Royal Rumble extravaganza in Saudi Arabia where he’ll put the red strap on the line once again against Reigns, this time inside of a steel cage.

Now, according to PW Stream, Brock isn’t necessarily on a specific contract, but a pay per appearance fee that is probably costing the WWE a great deal of money. Tweet below.

To be fair, Lesnar wouldn’t be the only superstar in history to have ever received such special financial treatment. The question is: If Roman can’t beat Brock in Saudi Arabia, what happens with Brock next? It’s clear his intentions are to return to the UFC, but would the Universal Championship go with him? Could they just strip him of the title, have him take time off, and then bring him back when the “right” guy is dubbed to go over?


Sound off your answers in the comments RingSide, because I honestly thought that the tale of the Conqueror was supposed to be long over by now.

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