The WWE Superstar Shake-Up saw the Modern Day Maharaja jump over to Raw first and immediately confront Kurt Angle. This wasn’t the best way to start things out for the Modern Day Maharaja but time will tell how the story unfolds.

Dave Meltzer brought up Mahal’s move to Raw on Wrestling Observer Radio where he said that a push could be on the way for Jinder Mahal but in the end, it might be hard to make it work.

“I don’t know if Jinder is that big of a thing either way, they’ll probably push him a little bit but it’s going to be tough. I mean his programs aren’t usually very good so I don’t know if that’s really a positive [thing for Raw]”

Monday Night Raw is a pro wrestling show with an extra hour so the matches tend to be longer on average. Therefore Mahal’s ring work might need to diversify a little bit if he plans on making things work on a three-hour show.

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H Jenkins

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