The WWE Superstar Shake-Up is in full swing as we await night 2. Plenty of names made the jump from SmackDown to Raw and Drew McIntyre even came up from NXT.

Dave Meltzer discussed this on Wrestling Observer Radio where he said they basically moved the entire SmackDown undercard to Raw so the assumption is they will do the same on the SmackDown side of things. He also went on to talk about who we should expect to be making the jump to the Blue Brand on night 2 of the Superstar Shake-Up.

“It looks like no Roman Reigns switch no AJ Styles no Randy Orton no Nakamura […] but a lot of the top, I mean Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are pretty big stars so I guess you’ll get some of that.”

“Probably on the other side guys like maybe Finn Balor could go you know obviously they announced The Miz… Rollins. If Jeff Hardy doesn’t go [to Smackdown Live] then Seth Rollins pretty much has to unless they switch the Intercontinental Title because the US Champion seems to be on Raw unless they change Jeff Hardy right away and if he is then the Intercontinental Champion has to be on the other brand than the US Champion. So they may have done that. They may have done that switch with Rollins so that’s something to look out for.”

So don’t be too surprised to see Seth Rollins on Tuesday Nights when all is said and done unless WWE decided to shake things up even more.


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H Jenkins

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