Mojo Rawley Stiffs Fans After Promising Them Free Tickets


This piece of information was just sent to us by a fan and it’s pretty shady if it is true. WWE Superstars get a lot of perks but unfortunately, they can get a little entitled in the process.

If you hate Mojo Rawley then this is going to be a fun read. Mojo Rawley apparently got access to a gym’s services for free and promised the staff free tickets to a recent WWE show in return.

But when the staff showed up to the event that night they were shocked to discover that there were no tickets waiting for them at will call.

Maybe Mojo simply forgot about the promise because he got busy or he made a promise he couldn’t deliver… whether he knew it or not is another question. Either way that sucks for the employees of the gym.

At least Mojo Rawley got to get hyped for free to prepare for the night’s show.

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