Possible Reason Dean Ambrose Was Pulled from WrestleMania Appearances


While discussing WWE’s announcement of Dean Ambrose being pulled from his scheduled WrestleMania AXXESS appearances, Mike Johnson of PWInsider Elite speculated that there could be more to the story and Ambrose may have actually had to undergo another surgery due to complications.

Johnson explained how he doesn’t understand how Ambrose would not be able to sign autographs for an hour or two, four months after he underwent surgery. This would indicate that something could have gone wrong for Ambrose in his recovery because WWE removed him from the signings almost directly after he visited WWE doctors the to get a check up on his recovery.

“WrestleMania is “all hands on deck” and the fact that he’s not doing what they expected him to do at AXXESS, that to me sounds like something is wrong. I’m almost afraid to say this because I don’t want this to be the case but I almost expect at some point we’re going to hear that he needed an additional surgery or that he’s back to square one with physical therapy because some sort of setback. It doesn’t make sense to me three or four months after getting the surgery, he’s not well enough to sign some autographs for an hour or two.”

Right now very little is known but if we receive any any additional information regarding Ambrose’s status, we will keep you updated.

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