Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Asuka’s Promos, Reigns Almost Turned Heel at WM 33? What Makes Reigns and Elias Stars? More!

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Russo is joined on today’s show by his co-host, Jeff Lane.

Lane opens today’s show by playing a clip of Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez talking about Asuka’s recent promos. Alvarez says that he could understand most of her promo but others might not due to the language barrier. Russo jokes that as long as Alvarez understands then apparently that’s all that matters. Russo finds it strange that Alvarez admitted that some people mightn’t understand her promos, but yet he still refused to admit that WWE shouldn’t have given her a live mic on live television.

Podcasting Kevin Gill tweeted out this past week that he’s become a fan of Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Radio. Russo wonders what would make someone a fan of Bryan Alvarez, suggesting that maybe it’s Alvarez’s backyard wrestling prowess. Russo points out that you can’t be a fan of Alvarez’s knowledge because he has none.

Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin finally got back to posting stories on his website recently after being “tired of posting scoops on Twitter”. Russo says Satin wants to be credited with the scoop on these stories, and that’s why he’s been posting it on Twitter instead of making money by posting it on his website. Russo also points out that Satin’s sources have been lying to him, so he’d rather get credit for these inaccurate scoops on Twitter than monetize it on his website.

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