During the mailbag segment of today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer was asked about how serious Sheamus’ spinal issue is affecting him and why WWE has cleared him to wrestle.

Meltzer mentioned that Sheamus has spinal stenosis and it will worse as he gets older in not so great ways.

“He’s got spinal stenosis but a lot of guys have that. It’s not a good thing to have and it will affect him most-likely when he gets older in not so great ways.”

Meltzer pointed that when you look at Sheamus you can’t really tell that it’s affecting him too much but mentioned that it will probably shorten his career a great deal.

“He’s working hard. When you look at him physically, you don’t sense that he’s got weakness, that he can’t lift weights anymore or things like that. It doesn’t look as if it’s affecting him too much right now. It’s looking like he can work pretty well and everything like that. In the long run it’s not a good thing to have. Austin has it and he lives a normal life but he doesn’t wrestle anymore. It probably will shorten his career.”

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Steve Carrier

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