Talk is Jericho Recap w/ Taz – Relationship with Paul Heyman, Transitioning from ECW to WWE, Working as a Colour Commentator, More!

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Jericho is joined on today’s show by former ECW & WWE Superstar, Taz.

Jericho opens the show by asking Taz how he’s managed to develop the “Taz Show” into a audio giant, recently passing 500 episodes. Taz points out that much like Jericho, he’s driven and motivated to make anything he does successful. He admits that he misses wrestling from time to time but he knows that he’s “too banged up” to wrestle again. He also admits that he misses the colour commentating aspect of the business on occasion.

Taz points out that doing his show requires him to watch RAW, Smackdown and NXT every week. Jericho informs that he finds it very difficult to watch the shows, but he admits that this might be because he’s still involved in it. Taz agrees, pointing out that he found it very difficult to watch the shows when he was wrestling or commentating as well. Now, his job forces him to watch the product.

Jericho points out that Taz was a fantastic colour commentator, and he asks Taz what makes a great colour commentator. Taz says the first rule of being a colour commentator is checking your ego at the door. He recalls putting over Kurt Angle’s suplex on Smackdown one week and Vince McMahon thought it was great because this gave Angle’s suplex a lot of credibility, given how well known Taz was for his suplexes.

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