Reports of Dolph Ziggler’s $1.5 Million Contract Not Legitimate?

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Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated is doubling down on last week’s claim that Dolph Ziggler’s new contract with WWE has a $1.5 million downside guarantee per year.

“The digital revenue of WWE creates an exorbitant amount for the company. Ziggler’s prior contract contained a downside guarantee for $1 million per year. The extra half million dollars to keep him in the company, and happy, is money well spent for WWE.”

Bryan Alavrez reacted to Barrasso’s claim on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Live and is very skeptical that Ziggler even made $1 million prior to his new deal he just signed, let alone believing the 1.5 million figure.

“I am exceedingly skeptical that Ziggler’s last deal had a $1 Million downside and his current contract is 1.5 million. I’m exceedingly skeptical. Nobody’s making that kind of money.”

It’s worth pointing out that Justin Barrasso’s track record hasn’t been very good as of late and several claims he’s made recently in his weekly update have been slightly off. For right now just take Ziggler’s pay with a grain of salt until further evidence is provided.

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